Portfolio 6 – Transformation

28 09 2013

As I wondered around Lunenburg on a beautiful calm Sunday morning, my attention was primarily on reflections on the calm waters.   However, the soft light also cast interesting shadows and enhanced colours on the buildings around me.  Even industrial components and weather-battered surfaces had a lovely glow due to the sunlight and refractions softening the shadows.  The photograph here is of three electric transformers and their floating shadows along an old red shed.  Strong vertical lines created by the supporting pole, its shadow and the two white lines on the shed balance the image. Horizontal electric wires and their shadows connect all the shapes.  The squat trio of transformers and their shadows keep the image centred among all the criss-crossing lines.



Portfolio 6: Lines and circles

24 09 2013

As I walked along on the Lunenburg water front on a calm still Sunday morning, I came across this little yellow sailing boat next to a large working ship. As I moved a bit further along the dock to get into a better position to view the reflections, the yellow stood out in stark contrast with the blue and red reflections mirrored in the water. Keeping in with my theme of creating abstract images, I zoomed close, focusing on the colours and patterns, which seems to give this image a sense of abstract reality. What is floating in what? As I paused by this scene, I realized that the round buoys were creating their own elliptical reflections contrasting with the portholes and the painted circle on the ship (which I think indicates the location of the thruster below the waterline).  The slightly askew vertical mast (and its reflection) helps to tie together the multiple horizontal lines in the calm image.

A yellow sailboat floating in the reflection of a large neighbouring ship

Portfolio 6: Towards the sea

22 09 2013

I got up early Sunday morning after the wedding celebrations and looked out our little dormer window at the top. It was gorgeous outside, so I quietly left the hotel to walk by the waterfront. As on most early summer mornings in Nova Scotia, the water was very calm.  The mirrored stillness in addition to the bright soft morning light resulted in lovely reflections everywhere.

I liked this particular image for a number of reasons: the contrast of the crisp yellow lines against the blue; the more organic patterns of the rust stains tracking salt water pouring out of the drain holes, the shapes of various openings, all of which tell stories about the ship, its use and its design.  The ship itself cast a shadow on the side I was on, so its reflection in the water was darker. However, the water itself acted as a reflector of the bright sun, thereby brightening up the side of the ship itself.  This back and forth conversation of light and colour, industrial design and nature, created a dynamic image full of both tension and stillness. The yellow lines create an arrow pointing towards the sea, which to me, created a sense of destination and movement within this static tension.

Yellow stripes on a ship reflecting on water create arrows

Portfolio 6 – Lunenburg reflections

20 09 2013

This past summer, we attended a wonderful wedding in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.  Lunenburg is an UNESCO World Heritage site due to its architecture and long marine history, not to mention its beauty, so it made for an amazing location for our friends to get married in!

As a change of perspective, I’ve gone back to colour for this series after experimenting with infrared images for several months. This photograph was taken the day before the wedding. It was mid-morning when the water was choppy. It is of the small rubber tender belonging to the historic Bluenose.  The trippy patterns of the reflections are reminiscent of a certain Italian designer fabric pattern. I liked the contrast between the choppy patterned reflections and the clean lines of the tender, ready to return to the ship.


(Due to travel and inconsistent access to good wifi, I have been behind on the Portfolio 26 project. Wish me luck as I try to catch up!)

Portfolio 5: False Blue Series

20 09 2013

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Portfolio 5 – Blue door

21 07 2013

The last image in the Portfolio 5 – Vertical Blue series is of a historical house on Tower Road in Halifax three months ago.  What caught my eye was the arrangement of the two blue cars bracketing the blue door. I only had my infrared camera with me so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, the blue colour of the door was very vivid in infrared, and even the two blue cars had a bit of a lovely blue false colour in this image. The serendipity of this composition was particularly striking especially as it was a cool overcast spring day when I least expected any photography opportunities on my rush to get back to work!

Historical house on Tower Road with blue door

Portfolio 5 – Seaweed

20 07 2013

This image is of seaweed washed up at Point Pleasant Park in late May.  Different types of seaweed reflect IR differently — so do different plant parts.  In this image, tree twigs are mixed up with a type of seaweed commonly known as rockweed (Ascophyllum nodosum). Visually, those were of the same colour of green, but in infrared, the twigs came out a blue while the seaweed became very white.

Seaweed and twigs at Point Pleasant Park beach

(Near-infrared photography is also used as a scientific and a mapping tool to identify vegetation and land cover over terrestrial surfaces of the planet as well as algal blooms in lakes.)