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We’re a wife-husband team of professors who share a passion for science communication. Dr. Linda Campbell conducts research on environment issues and holds the Senior Research Fellowship in Environemtal Studies at Saint Mary’s University (she is currently on leave from a Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystem Health at Queen’s University).  Dr. Rob Thacker is an astrophysicist who works on the formation of galaxies. He is a Canada Research Chair in Computational Astrophysics at St. Mary’s University and the Chair of the Astronomy and Physics department.


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1 03 2010
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22 05 2012
Paul Jacobus

I enjoyed your three part blog on agent orange (AO). I was exposed to AO while serving in Vietnam. Just last month the V.A. finally admitted that I had been exposed. Wasn’t that nice of them? But that is not why I am writing. I am curious if you know if AO was ever used as a maintenance herbicide at any U.S. military facilities. Two that I am especially curious about are Fort Polk, LA and Fort Knox, KY. If you have any info regarding this, will you please forward it to me? I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you again for your informative blog. Please keep up the good work of letting others know about this hazard.


25 05 2012

Paul, thanks for sharing and feedback. Your question is an important one. Unfortunately, it takes me outside my field of expertise as I study biogeochemistry of contaminants, not the historical usage of those contaminants especially for military facilities. I’m sure you’ve already investigated the USA VA website (e.g., http://www.publichealth.va.gov/exposures/agentorange/) and the Agent Orange Association of Canada who are also dealing with Canadian military use of AO (e.g., http://www.agentorangecanada.com/). Good luck with your investigations, I hope you can find those answers soon. LC.

8 11 2012
Stephen Da Lay

There are robot tiles in Chicago, near and around the Miracle Mile.

9 11 2012

Any photos to share?

27 05 2013

Thank you for following HoB. Much appreciated! I’ll be hanging around here…

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