Portfolio 5 – Hall’s Harbour Lupines

14 07 2013

The second image in Portfolio 5 – Vertical Blue is an image I took at Hall Harbour on Bay of Fundy two weeks ago.  This one is from a cliff overhanging the Bay of Fundy with a lovely view.  The lupines, which typically bloom in June, but have been blooming late this year, were in evidence everywhere. While not originally native to Nova Scotia and the Maritimes, these introduced plants are now widespread throughout the province and typically have flowers ranging from a deep blue to pink to white.

To my delight, the deep-blue flowers have a nice false blue colour with the in-camera white balance, while the white and pink flowers both reflect IR in bright white tones.  As a result, it is fun to take IR images of multi-coloured patches of lupines! This unusual image was taken on a foggy day which is not ideal if one wants to take crisp sharp IR photographs (the brighter the sun, the more sharp the image will be). Even so, photography rules are meant to be broken (smile), and I liked the soft foggy effect in this image as the overcast soft light resulted in a delicate IR photograph.  Furthermore, the strong IR reflectance of the lupine flowers and leaves against the fog resulted in a surreal effect, almost like an x-ray image. A rather nice and serendipitous surprise, don’t you think?

Hall Harbour Lupines (Bay of Fundy)



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