Portfolio 4 – Shy cat peeking out

27 05 2013

Our neighbours recently adopted two cats in response to increased mouse populations in the area. Both cats have their distinct personalities, with the brown tabby practically owning our backyard along with theirs. The little black-and-white cat is a bit shy yet very inquisitive, and has been quietly exploring the area around our front door. One bright day, I stepped out and realized something was watching me with big eyes. Squinting in the sun, I tried to find the eyes, and realized those belonged to this cat hiding under the shrubbery. I had my infrared camera with me and moved quickly to capture this image.  Again, you can see how this cat’s eyes are highly reflective in infrared, with a distinct colour similar to that of the grey tabby in the first two images in this portfolio. I liked how the conifer branches and the grass reflected brilliant white bordering the shaded area, framing the cat nicely.

IR photograph of a black&white cat under shrubbery



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