Portfolio 4 – Cats think they are royalty

26 05 2013

I’ve been focusing heavily on infrared photography this spring and have not picked up my colour camera very often. This is an exception. Cosmoboy and I were going for a long walk to a nearby lake when this cat suddenly emerged from the shrubbery between a house and the trail.  Its haughty demeanour hid a strong curiosity about the people walking along the trail so this cat alternated between holding its head high, surveying the trail and running along the trail following people in a friendly way.  At one point, Cosmoboy and I stopped to investigate an interesting rock when the cat came over to look at us.  I was crouched down looking at some lichen on the rock when I looked up and saw the cat suddenly transform into an miniature puma, a lovely pose against the green conifers which matched its eyes.

Colour photograph of grey tabby surveying all below




One response

26 05 2013
Rob Moses

Good picture and cute cat 🙂

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