Portfolio 4 – Peeking down

22 05 2013

This is the same grey tabby photographed in the first portfolio image. This time, the cat is perched on a garden wall getting ready to jump down to the sidewalk.  I was able to capture this image just before it pushed off.  Apart from the little twig in front of the cat’s eye, I liked the overall composition of the cat being centred between plants growing over the wall and how its reflective eyes were the focal point of the photograph even in infrared.

I did have a little discussion with myself about whether I should use GIMP to digitally erase the annoying little twig, but I decided not to. My challenge to myself is to capture compelling and interesting images “in-camera” with minimal post-production digital manipulation, although I’m not personally against post-production improvements. It’s a part of my project to continually improve my in-camera skills and the ability to capture moments — and even elegant nimble cats must contend with brambly twigs while on a Spring day ramble!

Tabby on wall looking down

Links to the previous images in this portfolio:

Paws for Thought.



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