Portfolio 4 – Paws for Thought

20 05 2013

Cats are very much a part of the urban ecosystems especially in our neighbourhood and cannot be ignored even by the most avid natural photographers and ecologists. Also, while stuck in the city, cats also provide a useful photography subject for me because their quickness and their wariness of strangers brandishing cameras provides a great opportunity to keep my wildlife photography skills polished.  After a lengthy work-induced hiatus from the Portfolio 26 project, I’m really glad to get back into this with the Portfolio 4 – Paws for Thought. Cosmoboy with his fondness for puns has suggested the name as I’ve been pausing quite a bit in the streets looking at cats and thinking about photography!

Today’s image is of a neighbourhood grey tabby around the corner.  One surprising thing I discovered was that most cats’ eyes have a very distinctive infrared reflection, resulting in a lovely yellow-green false colour tint in an otherwise monochromatic image.  This infra-red image of a very focused cat really highlights this property and truly emphasizes the beautiful eyes of this cat. This little surprise inspired me to track down cats with eye colours of all kinds and to put together the theme of this portfolio.

Infrared photo of a tabby cat focusing




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