Portfolio 3 – leaving Moncton on a bright day

19 02 2013

After spending the weekend in Moncton (and having fun exploring infrared possibilities in “surreal” approaches to street photography), it was time for us to return to Halifax.  The route between Moncton and Halifax goes through the Tantramar Marshes of the Isthmus of Chignecto connecting Nova Scotia to the rest of Canada. It is a flat windy place surrounded by beautiful wetlands and historical sites, not to mention the famous CBC Radio Canada International short-wave radio towers and of course, the wind farm with its 15 turbines.  It’s an amazing place, but unfortunately, we had to race through the Tantramar Marshes to get home.

The wind turbines were on my side of the car (rest easy, Cosmoboy was driving while I was taking this image), so I was admiring how they stood out against the sky.  The large advertising billboard appeared very small beside the turbines on the vast landscape. I quickly opened the window and timed the camera in an effort to capture the scale of the billboard and the turbines. The propellers on the cluster of turbines and the advertising poster on the billboard face opposite directions, providing a sense of detachment to the image taken at over 100 km per hour.  Furthermore, the reflective blue of the advertising billboard poster has come through in infrared, providing an unexpected splash of colour in a monochromatic image. This also provides a counter-balance to the starting image in this portfolio, also taken at high speeds from a car.  The difference is that the sun is so high that there are no observable shadows — the entire landscape is full of light.


Light & Shadow Road Trip.

Tree shadows and windows.

Icy shadows & reflections.

Dancing sprites.

Half in, Half out.




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