Portfolio 3 – Half out, half in.

17 02 2013

After warming up with a nice cup of coffee and lunch with Cosmoboy who joined me at the Tide And Boar Pub,  we continued our walk.  We next went to visit a Francophone art gallery, which was unfortunately closed. On our quest, we walked by the Bell-Aliant Radio Tower which is apparently the tallest in Atlantic Canada. Its shadow steadily sweeps the city with the sun each day and like with the light sprites in a dark alley, good timing is of essence when capturing this effect in a photo.

From the sidewalk, I saw how the tower’s shadow slashed a tree and a lovely church in half.  The sun exposed the infrared reflections in bright white on the left.  The radio tower shaded half of the tree and church, which went dark grey in infrared. Only further right do you see infrared reflections being activated by the sun once again.  This sudden changes in reflection and inverted contrast patterns reminded me of half-and-half silhouette art projects I used to do in elementary school years ago.

Moncton Church & Tree shadowed by radio tower

Previous images in the “Light and Shadow Road Trip” portfolio:

Light & Shadow Road Trip.

Tree shadows and windows.

Icy shadows & reflections.

Dancing sprites.



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