Portfolio 3 – Dancing sprites in the shade

14 02 2013

The fourth image in the Light & Shadow Road Trip series is a bit different in that I am looking at light patterns in shadow, not shadows in bright light. While I was walking around downtown Moncton, the morning sun was steadily climbing in the sky.  As I passed this dark alley, the whole place suddenly lit up. The sun had just got in the right angle in the sky to create refractions bouncing off the building’s windows behind me (you can see those windows in the reflections). This created lovely refracted images along the alley. The refractions were diffused across the sharp lines of the building, so the sharpness of the various objects in the image is in direct contrast with each other.  I waited a few moments for sun to get a bit higher in the sky, so the refractions would move down the building. That way, I could frame those sprites within the garage door in parallel with the building structures.  All of this happened rapidly within minutes – if I hadn’t been walking by the alley at that exact time, I would have missed this moment. For something so ephemeral, the timing is precise.

Reflections of windows on a  building in the back alley

Afterwards, my hands were very cold despite wearing gloves, so I headed towards a lovely cafe adjoining the “Tide And Boar” pub – highly recommended!

Previous images in the “Light and Shadow Road Trip” portfolio:

Light & Shadow Road Trip.

Tree shadows and windows.

Icy shadows & reflections.




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