Portfolio 3: Tree shadows and windows

8 02 2013

Today’s Portfolio 3 photograph in Moncton, NB is not as eye-catching as the first one was.  Nonetheless, I found this an interesting exploration of the infrared sensitivity to light reflection. If you look at the top of the image, you should see a triangular flare emitting from the reflected sun on the window, adding an interesting element to the photograph (in the colour version, this flare was invisible). There is a bit of a colour bleed-through, with the blinds providing a yellowish tone to most windows.

The conifer shadows along the building are from behind me, and added an organic feel to the blocky image. The Narnia-like lamp-post peeking up between two tree shadows stand silently in contrast to the brilliant sun reflection above it.  The car passing by at the lower right hand corner added further curviness to all the straight lines in the image.

Apart from the flare at the top, you can still tell it is an infrared image from the dark sky and the white shrubs along the building beside the conifer shadows.




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