Portfolio 3 – Light & Shadow Road Trip

6 02 2013

Having finished the Winter Tulips portfolio series, I was at loss for what theme to use for my next series in the Portfolio 26 project. Luckily, I joined Cosmoboy on a weekend trip to Moncton, New Brunswick where I was able to quietly work on my papers and walk around the lovely downtown Moncton on my break.  Saturday morning was very chilly but there was brilliant beautiful winter sunshine lighting up the  downtown area, so I was able to take my battered IR camera along (after I bundled up in several layers of clothing against the cold).

I found myself looking at patterns of shadow and light on this stroll, which resulted in the theme of this series, “Light and Shadow” (but I added “Road Trip” to the title just for fun and accuracy!) The first image is actually of our car driving along the highway from Nova Scotia towards Moncton NB the day before. The low late afternoon sun flowed almost parallel along the ground, nearly perfectly casting our car’s shadow against the berms along the highway.  I liked how the car’s shadow almost appeared cartoon-like, with the transparent windows and our profiles being apparent against the infrared brightness of the grass.  The speed-blurred tips of the dried grass plants just edging into the sunshine from the shadowy ditch seem to lend a feel of pacing and movement, while the still bare trees on the top of the hill provide a contrast in textures.  The little cloud over the hill and the bare patch in the grassy hillside provide interesting counterbalances to the car’s rushing shadow.

Shadow of car along the highway in infrared




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