Portfolio 2: Starfish

30 01 2013

The other photographs in this Portfolio 2: Winter Tulips are all based on reflected light, which means those are studies of shadows and contrast. This one is a bit different as I took the photograph *against* the light with no reflective or studio lighting.  The fading afternoon sunlight shining through the petals created a soft and transculent image. The pistils and stamen are in shade,  softly backlit around the edges. The dark corners are from the clip-on Rayvox macro lens, which I left in. The infrared cyanotype-blue remains very distinctive, even with the light shining through the petals, although the lower portions of each pistil becomes bluer in the shade.  This image reminded me of starfish deep underwater.


Other images in this portfolio:

Winter Tulips

Ghostly Tulip or Alien?

Tulips in Full Colour




3 responses

30 01 2013

Beautiful your tulips .

30 01 2013

Thank you. I am really enjoying your still life photography on your site http://anisjarossi.wordpress.com/. I’ll leave some comments there too!

30 01 2013

Thank you very much .

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