Portfolio 2 – Tulips in full colour

28 01 2013

Today’s image for Portfolio 2 is a close up of the tulips in full colour.  Here, you can see how the reds, oranges and blacks create a fiery pattern on the petals. The winter afternoon sunlight emphasizes the lovely glow of the yellow pistils and stamen, which was taken with a Rayvox clip-on macrolens using a hand-held 4/3 camera. The brightness of the sun has resulted in a bit of a burn-out on the tip of the stamen which further contributes to the sense of a burning flame. If you compare this with the second image taken in infrared of this same flower, you can see how the black pattern of the tulip flowers correspond with the cyanotype-blue patterns in infrared.  However, all the yellow and red patterns are lost in the infrared reflections.  This same flower has resulted in two very different images, one pale and cool, another fiery and bright.


First image in Portfolio 2: Winter Tulips.

Second image in Portfolio 2: Ghostly tulip or Alien?



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