Portfolio 2: Ghostly Tulip or Alien?

25 01 2013

The second image in the Winter Tulips portfolio is an infrared image of the tulip’s pistil and stamens emerging from among the petals.  Usually when I take infrared photographs of plants and flowers, the entire plant, no matter what colours it has on the visible spectrum, is white.  So to my surprise, the central black portions of the petals attached to the ovary showed up as a beautiful cyanotype shade of blue among the whiteness., which made for intriguing images. Is this what a bee would see?

I photographed this peripheral to the sunlight streaming through the window which emphasized the pointiness of the stamens surrounding the tri-lobed stigma. In a flight of fancy, it’s almost like a Hollywood space alien with blue-rimmed tentacles reaching out… The shadows cast by the stamens and a petal in the right of the image seems to emphasize that feeling of curling outwards into the sunlight.

Tulip flower in infrared

First image in Portfolio 2: Winter Tulips.




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