Portfolio 1: Conifers around a lake

20 01 2013

The fifth and last image in “Portfolio 1: Trees beyond sight” below is from a sunset walk to our neighbouring lake, the same one where I took the “Shadows and Conifers” image.  I like how the near-infrared spectrum increases the contrast of the clouds in the sky, adding considerable drama to the image.  What initially caught my attention were the two pines towering over almost nearly every tree in the area. I was shooting almost perpendicular to the dominant light source, with the sunset on the left, so those two trees did not become dramatically white, but instead appear to glow mysteriously due to diffused light through their needles.  However, the smaller conifers in the foreground had more direct reflection from the sunlight so those appear almost white as a result.  The bare branches of the saplings provide nice composition endpoints as well as a dramatic contrast to the evergreen conifers.  On the lake itself, there is some ice forming, providing a nice contrast in textures and reflections between the ice and water reflecting back the fast-moving clouds.

Two conifersee and clouds over Chain Lake



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