Portfolio 1: A snowperson and a little tree.

17 01 2013

After the Christmas holidays, our street was fortunate enough to get the right kind of snow – the kind that is just sticky enough to roll into a ball, but not too crumbly so that the snowball falls apart. So of course, the kids next door built a lovely snowman with a carrot nose. On this overcast day, they took out their little Christmas tree with a cute little yellow bucket on the top and put it beside the snowman (presuming it has a gender). Over the next few hours the weather started to change, and by the next morning it was sunny. Because bright sun really makes infrared pop, I was able to do an infrared study of the snowman between the two conifers before it melted away.

What interested me about this photograph was how the infrared was reflected differently from the various surfaces. The little Christmas tree in the front had a lighter tone than the bigger conifer in the back, and both were brighter than the bark of the tree on the far right.  The snow itself also had different IR properties, depending on whether it was fresh powder on the trees, the rolled snow of the snowman, and the highly reflective crystals of the pack snow on ground. Note that that the carrot in the middle of the snowman’s face had a similar IR colour as the  conifer in the back.

Snowman between two conifers

This is the fourth photo in the “Trees Beyond Sight” series.  The first, second and third are linked here and after the fifth (and last) one coming up, I’ll try to put all together into a gallery.




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