Portfolio 1: Artist’s shed in the woods

16 01 2013

Two weeks ago, we visited an artist’s studio by the sea to discuss a painting. The sun was brilliant, making it ideal for infrared photography, so with permission, I wandered around the property admiring the sea view and the conifers surrounding the land. I saw this lovely shed and was very intrigued by how the red stain on the wooden shingles came through in this infrared image. The shed is very well kept, and the wooden shingles are typical of many buildings throughout Nova Scotia.

The slightly sepia colour contrasted with the strong white of the conifers in the sunlight, and the mix in textures between the roughness of the trees and the flat shingles further added to that contrast.  The shadows on the foreground are from some shrubbery and dried hydrangea heads, helping to balance the composition a bit better. (Note that this photograph has not been modified significantly post-production, apart from some adjustment of contrast.)

Stained artist's shed surrounded by conifers in infrared

(This is the third image in the Portfolio 1 “Trees Beyond Sight” series.  Links to first image and second image). As soon as I’ve finished this portfolio in a few days, I will see if I can figure out how to set up a gallery in wordpress.)




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