Portfolio 1 – Shadows and conifers

10 01 2013

A few days ago, I started my “Portfolio 26” project with my first image in my portfolio ““Trees beyond sight: conifer tree studies in near-infrared”. A bit longwinded, but I’ve never had the knack of coming up with catchy and fun titles – the talent lies entirely with Cosmoboy!

Halifax has many beautiful conifers and conifer forests, which provides me with an opportunity to experiment with infrared during the winter when most trees have lost their leaves, hence this portfolio theme.  This picture was taken at sunset during an evening walk to one of our favourite neighbourhood lakes. The image shows a towering conifer perched on a rock with many leafless trees around it. Further down, there are two shadows showing Cosmoboy and myself being quite focused on the infrared camera as we experiment with the best settings for that image.  It is not one of my best infrareds, but I like it due to the range of tones and textures from the bright whites of the shrubbery and young conifers near our shadows to the darker tones of the trees higher up — not to mention the dark tones of the strangely dark sky and our shadows.  Plus looking at our shadows is a nice reminder of a lovely winter walk when we explored the scenery during a cold January evening.

Infrared photograph of Cosmoboy and Ecogirl's shadows at sunset.




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