Picking up where I left things…

6 01 2013

Since I moved to Halifax during the summer of 2011, the year has gone by in a blur with a new job, renovating a house, working with people in my laboratory at my last institution and so on. While I kept up my photography during this period (such as those work-related shares like this volcanic plume from Argentina and a cormorant being sampled at Hamilton Ontario), I’ve not been able to post as regularly as I’d like.

As a result, I have found myself lacking motivation. Really, having a weekly goal for one’s artistic endeavours does work wonders for one’s development! And I found myself missing the fun of sharing a few images and thinking about what I should be taking photographs each week… Therefore, the timing and motivation seems to be good for resurrecting my photography posts on Ecogirl & Cosmoboy again.

I am not sure what to call this project. My goal this year is to continue the theme that evolved toward the end of my last “Project 52”, and to refine my approach to photography, e.g. develop consistent themes over a series of photographs, and perhaps even tell stories.  So another “Project 52” where I challenge myself to take and share an interesting photograph each week isn’t quite right. At the same time, “Portfolio 52”, e.g. post 3 to 5 curated photographs together each week might be rather challenging to keep up. So perhaps “Portfolio 26”, e.g. a short series of curated photographs shared over the space of 2 weeks, would be a good fit?

For “Portfolio 1”, I thought I’d start off with a theme of “Trees beyond sight: conifer tree studies in near-infrared”. I recently had my old camera converted (e.g. original internal filter removed, a basic infrared filter added to the sensor) and am working on learning how the world looks in infrared.  The  below is one of the first IR photographs I took when walking on a chilly winter day with Cosmoboy, and is of some absolutely gorgeous ancient conifers in a neighbouring Halifax cemetery.

Very tall and old pine in a Halifax cemetry

Pine sentries




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10 01 2013
GT Wedding Photographer

I also feel the same some times.

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