Canada going to Mars?

22 09 2011

In a recent post on The Mark News, Marc Garneau, Liberal MP, former astronaut and President of the Canadian Space Agency called for support of a “Canada led” mission to Mars.

Cosmoboy was quite intrigued by this article. Dr Garneau was President of the CSA during Liberal governments and there seems to be a consensus that he did a good job. Yet during that time, with arguably a favourable political climate such a mission was not started.

Could we do it now? During perhaps one of the most significant periods of economic turmoil in decades?

In a detailed write-up on The Mark News, Cosmoboy looks at the current funding situation, comparing relative spending in Canada on space compared to the US. I’m sure few will be surprised to learn that relatively speaking we don’t spend that much. But the actual figures might shock you. If we upped our spending to the same levels as other countries what could we do? You might be surprised. If you’re interested, take a look.




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