Project 52 No 1. Night in Halifax (Clarity)

5 08 2011

The final post in my Project 52! This one was taken on a foggy night by the train tracks that cut through the south end of Halifax. I liked how the streetlights penetrated the fog, and yet the lamps and the tracks both faded into the distance, while the bridge is barely discernable in the background.

Street lights by a train track on a foggy night in Halifax

This is the third image in my Night in Halifax series (The other two, “Speed” and “Reflections” are linked here). The very first Project 52 photograph, a gorgeous golden longhorn beetle perched on a daisy, started off this project over a year ago. After going through thousands of photographs and two cameras, I can see how my vision and my skills have changed and improved each successive week.  By carrying my camera with me and capturing images, clarity is emerging from the chaos of our world. Being able to share those images and discuss ideas is a really good way to light the way as I continue to improve and explore.  I’ll be kicking off another year-long project which will be based on a thematic series and storytelling, so I’m really looking forward to that next stage in my photography!  Thanks for your support and I hope to see more of your photographs and stories over next 12 months.




One response

14 08 2011
Air Hexagonal

The picture you take seems mystique. Fog and light, makes the rail and bridge look mysterious.
Two thumbs up!

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