Project 52 No 6 – Tibetan butterflies having fun among ferns

18 05 2011

This week, I’m continuing my “bugs on plants” series. Yesterday, I started off with an image of a true bug on a dandelion.

Today’s image is of a pair of white butterflies I saw when in southeastern Tibet last July.  We were waiting on the highway for a speed check station to process all slips turned in by drivers.  On most major highways,  horrendous accidents due to speeding are common in Tibet, so the police have instituted speed check stations on many of the main highways.  The driver must stop at a police booth (more like a roadside kiosk) and pick up a dated slip with the time on it.  Later on, if the driver comes across another police booth, they have to stop and hand in the dated slip to confirm that they did not exceed the average speed on the highway.  In places, this can create quite long queues on the road as vehicles wait for their drivers to return.

During one such queue, I took a “call of nature” break in a grove of ferns within a roadside forest which afforded me the necessary privacy.  It was such a beautiful day that I was looking among the ferns for flowers and glimpsed a pair of white butterflies.  One very hyperactive butterfly was obviously trying to mate with another more passive butterfly. They were flying in and out among the fern boroughs, scrambling across the waxy leaves and leaving behind a trail of dust from their wings.

How can I not take photographs?  This one shows both butterflies emerging from a fern borough, with one having its tongue curled out.  This showed an very active side of butterfly life which I do not see often.

Tibetan Butterflies flitting among ferns

Note: I have not yet managed to identify the species of this butterfly. If I do, I will update this blog.  Any ideas to what genera / species this pair would belong to?




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20 05 2011
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