Project 52 No 7 – a plant bug on a dandelion

17 05 2011

For my birthday several weeks ago, Cosmoboy gave me a snap-on Raynox macroscopic lens converter for my 4/3 camera (Pansonic Lumix G2 HD). It is a nifty little tool which clips on to the end of a lens to enable macro pictures in a hurry.  I’ve been having some fun experimenting with this, and found that it creates lovely  bokeh when using a shallow depth of focus.

This image of a true bug (Hemiptera) on a dandelion was taken two weeks ago on a rare sunny evening in between rainstorms.  It was steadily making its way across the flowertop, then flew off into the sunset.  This tiny bug was one-third size of my fingernail, and I was pleased with how well the macro lens converter allowed me to capture its details so well.  Furthermore, the green grass provides a very nice painterly bokeh background for the little bug.

A true bug on a dandelion

Natural history note:  People who study insects only use the term “bug” (or true bugs) for the insects falling into the Hemiptera order.  Those insects, which are not beetles (Coleoptera), share certain characteristics including the way its wings fold and its proboscis mouthparts.  I think this little bug falls into the Lygus genus.




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17 05 2011

This is a great macro shot. I just bought that same Raynox through Amazon. I am finding a halo effect of black around the edges of the photo. Do you know what I could be doing wrong?

18 05 2011

Thanks for your comment! I also see the same effect, so I tend to use the maximum zoom on my lens and compose the image in such way that I can crop out the black edges in the corner post-production. Do you have any of your Raynox images on Flickr?

18 05 2011
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[…] This week, I’m continuing my “bugs on plants” series. Yesterday, I started off with an image of a true bug on a dandelion. […]

19 05 2011

It’s been raining here since I bought it! I only have one shot and it’s the last one on this post: All Grown Up
Guess I’ll have to play around with it when the weather gets better. Are you using a tripod?

28 05 2011

No, I’ve not been using a tripod — however if I needed to go to f/22, for sure, a tripod would be a good idea. Looking forward to your next few photos!

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