Project 52 No 8. Mayflies & a spider web

27 04 2011

Over the long weekend, Cosmoboy and I visited Prince Edward Point Conservation Area just to check out how Spring was emerging there. What we encountered, instead, were emerging swarms of mayflies!  This picture shows numerous mayflies captured in a spiderweb, with the spider nowhere to be seen.

Mayflies trapped in a spiderweb

Natural history note: Those are tentatively identified as early blue-winged olives of the Baetis genus (if you can help with identification, let me know).  Mayfly larvae and nymphs spend much of their lives underwater, and emerge as adults to look for mates. Their emergence each year are an indicator of the start of fly-fishing season for many serious anglers (and the start of a productive season for hungry spiders and fish). Although, many people do find them a nuisance when they are found on one’s teeth and in one’s hair after a nice bike ride along the lake!

To give an idea of how it must have looked with all the mayflies swarming around us, this is a shot of the sky taken just for fun:

Overhead mayfly swarm




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20 03 2014

Im obliged for the blog.Many thanks. Much obliged.

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