Project 52 No 9 – Go-kart track tires in rain

20 04 2011

This weekend, I took a trip to the dump just north of Kingston to recycle a very rusty BBQ.  On the way, I passed the local drive-in movie theatre which has a small park including a go-kart track.  But with the freezing rain pouring down,  it was closed. The place looked utterly dismal and bleak in the rainfall, so I pulled over to see if I could get some shots.  Unfortunately, I started to shiver within minutes due to the rain (despite wearing a waterproof insulated jacket), so I couldn’t stay for long despite the amazing photographic potential of the site.  Even so, I was able to get some interesting shots of the water-logged track lined with old tires.

As you can see, it was a pretty miserable day.  The white streaks of rain hurtling down, the splashes in the puddles and the slickness of the tires along the quiet go-kart track convey that impression of loneliness and discomfort.

Tires lining a go-kart track

Photo notes:  I thought I’d try out G’MIC, an open-source image manipulation software package for GIMP.   I used the “artistic pencil” feature for this go-kart photograph and made the pencil outline as fine as possible. This allowed me to preserve the photographic b&w quality of the image, but still bring out the important details of the image. I liked how this technique made the foreground details pop out in stark contrast to the burned-out white highlights from the reflections off the wet track.



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