Project 52 No. 11. Raindrops on tabletops

6 04 2011

It’s raining again in Kingston. It has been a wet winter — when it is not snowing, it’s raining!  Fortunately, spring has arrived, with green shoots and buds emerging everywhere. During my daily lunchtime stroll back to Queen’s University, I saw stacked patio tables in front of the Grad Club, covered with raindrops. The play of light was rather interesting, so I obtained permission from the Grad Club Manager to access the locked patio.  The original images came out rather flat, and the reflections and colours I had seen with my eyes were not obvious.  So I found myself doing a bit of post-production on the colour space using GIMP. I adjusted the levels until the rain drops “popped out” in the way I had seen when I was walking by.

Raindrops on tabletops



2 responses

6 04 2011

The rain drops definitely pop out from the photo and looks amazing. I love this.

6 04 2011

Thanks! I enjoyed reading your reviews of photographs (especially Eric Ogden’s gorgeous portraits) and movies.

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