Breaking out of Project 52 doldrums III – time and colour

31 03 2011

This is my final Project 52 image from my “Doldrums” series so to speak.  I had focused on street art as a way to be inspired by public expression in such a visual medium and to start thinking of photography as a creative outlet again.

This one was taken on a very busy street corner in Bariloche, Argentina, where there are murals and graffiti everywhere.  I saw them every day from the bus on my way to work, and then on my final day, I walked across the city to examine those weathered murals.   This one struck me due to its beautiful colours and how the paint were peeling in layers under the harsh mountain sun. Instead of taking an image of the whole tag, I came up close to capture the details.  The peeling layers and the still-vivid colours suggest that communication can not only last, but can also subtly change with time.

Peeling graffiti on a street wall in Bariloche, Argentina

(Project 52 No. 12)



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