Breaking out of Project 52 Doldrums II: Getting out of the corner

30 03 2011

Yesterday, I explained that I was struggling with my photography. I didn’t even want to look at my camera on some days, which is very unlike me, as I usually enjoy experimenting and capturing quirky images.  As a result of my disinclination, I have fallen behind on Project 52. This week, I am trying to break free from the doldrums by drawing inspiration from other people who chose to communicate in public venues.

Today’s image is from Kingston, Ontario.  I do not take images of graffiti tagging for a number of reasons. So why did I take this one? This was in early January late at night, when I was rushing to my car parked downtown.  This scene caught the corner of my eye, and I had to stop and see what compelled me so.  The lonely yet brash tag contrasting with the additional out-of-boredom doodles of decorative painting around the electric box and vent was a bit surreal. The whole security-lit scene by the firmly-locked steel door seemed to speak volumes.  Are we communicating with each other?

Kingston tag and doodles

(Project 52 No. 13)




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31 03 2011
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[…] focused on street art as a way to be inspired by public expression in such a visual medium and to start thinking of photography as a creative outlet […]

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