Breaking out of the Project 52 Doldrums I: Communication

29 03 2011

The past few weeks, I have been finding myself struggling with my camera and not being able to capture images to my satisfaction.  So rather than pushing myself to create Project 52 images, I decided to use this time to reflect and to do other projects, which resulted in the Agent Orange 3-part series and my thoughts about World Water Day 2011 (which also included some of my old images).

I also looked through my photographs from previous months and realized that street art is an inspiration for me.  The sharing of ideas, feelings and expression in such public venues, whether sanctioned or not, is such a human characteristic.   The need to communicate is very powerful and I enjoy capturing those visual messages.  I do not feel that those photographs are “mine” in the sense of creative ownership — instead I am attempting to preserve some aspect of the communication taking place.  Seeing what other people have done in public places, ideally sanctioned by generous citizens, gives me courage to share my own images.

So this week, I will attempt to break out of my doldrums by sharing images of street paintings by unknown (but still acknowledged) artists and catch up on my three “missing” weeks for Project 52.  Today’s image is from Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It is the front door of an old theatre a few blocks from the waterfront, and shows two stylized clowns on opposite sides of a painted door. Are they trying to communicate? The left-hand person seem to be trying to listen to the symbols scratched in the right-hand person’s mouth. What do you think they are saying?

Painted scene with non-funny clowns at an old theatre in downtown Halifax

(Project 52 no 14)




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31 03 2011
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[…] 52 image from my “Doldrums” series so to speak.  I had focused on street art as a way to be inspired by public expression in such a visual medium and to start thinking of photography as a creative outlet […]

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