Project 52 No 15. Weeping angel with a rose

8 03 2011

On my very last day in Argentina, I had an overnight stopover in Buenos Aires before catching my flight home to Canada.  I was fortunate to find a good deal for a hotel room in one of my favourite CF regions – Recoleta.  It is one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the city, but is full of art, green spaces and little shops. That made it perfect for relaxed exploring while I was waiting for my flight.  I spent my morning at the Recoleta Cemetery, which feels like a set straight out of a Hollywood movie, full of amazing monuments, wonderful sculptures, broken-down tombs, prowling cats and during my visit, a parade of mourners.  While I was exploring one of the little alleys in the Cemetery, the mourners were leaving, and one of them placed her wilting rose on a statue.  The resulting image was so compelling I took this photograph as soon as I could respectfully do so.

Recoleta Weeping Stone Angel with a wilting rose

While this sentimental image is not my typical of my photography, I really like the emotion it conveys. The powerful punch of the deep red rose wilting in the angel’s arms is counterbalanced by the blue sky in the upper right.



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