Travelling road robots! Street art to ponder…

11 02 2011

UPDATE: The images below are actually guerrilla street art collectively called stikman images (lower case ‘s’, no ‘c’).  Good write-ups can be found at the Boston U Quad and the Washington Post. There are also large Flickr groups (for example, here and here) which collect the various stikman images (aka robot tiles) across North America.  Really neat!


Early this morning, before I headed out to the lake for more sampling,  I was browsing my usual photography links.  One led to a slide show of images captured with the very “last roll of Kodachrome“.  Given that my family has long used Kodachrome to capture our memories, it was fun to go through Steve McCurry‘s work.  I experienced a real sense of deja vu when I saw his Image #21, a scrunched-up yellow robot pasted on the streets of New York:

Street art captured by Steve McCurry

Why?  Because of this photograph which I took in downtown Toronto near Bloor Street in June:

Road Robot in Toronto by Linda Campbell

While the Toronto robot is far less squished up and more square, its chest and face design are very similar to the one in New York.   A coincidence? It would be really interesting to find out the story behind both robots!



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13 02 2011

You aren’t going to just let that sit there, are you? You are going to dig deeper and find out if indeed these were by the same artist? I wonder who would play you in the film? 🙂 Seriously, that is pretty cool and I would be going crazy to find out more!

13 02 2011

Thanks! it’s an awesome idea and I hope to find out the whole story one day. Love your website, I might send a photo your way one day. 🙂

16 02 2011


17 02 2011

i love it

1 11 2013

Cool, I have 14 road Robot photos from various intersection sightings in north america and I have become fascinated in finding out a bit more about these little guy’s.

29 12 2013

I seriously have seen these all over! On the street or sidewalk always and it looks just like those. In Kansas City, DC, Minnesota, and Chicago! they are always a block or two from an art museum. I have tried looking it up with Google goggles and never got any results. I tried just looking it up on Google and couldn’t get a single related link. Still can’t figure out what it is.

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