Project 52 Nos 25 and 26 – Mohave Desert

23 12 2010

Over the past week, Ecogirl and Cosmoboy have been out of internet range, exploring the diverse ecosystems of the Mohave Desert, and have only just returned to Kingston.  As a result, Project 52 is a little bit behind, so today will be a double-header posting!  The first image  (No 26) is a moonlit 15-second exposure of Joshua Trees (Yucca brevifolia) around our campsite. Those gorgeous yucca plants are common around the western slopes of the Mohave Desert.  In this image, I liked the swirling clouds obscuring the moon while the the silhouettes of Joshua trees stood out dramatically against the clouds.  Note that this photograph was not converted to b&w but is actually a colour image.

Mohave Joshua Tree by moonlight

No. 25 was selected due to its green-and-red colour themed  appropriateness for the upcoming holidays.  Barrel cacti  (Ferocactus spp.,  maybe cylindraceus genus?) are common across the drier lower portions of slopes across the Mohave, and have yellow or red spines.  Those two green barrel cacti with red spines were found growing on top of a lava flow field near the Interstate-15. The hike was enjoyable, especially as we came very close to wild jackrabbits, quail and other animals who were very surprised to see us, since humans are very rare in that area at this time of year (and even rarer when torrential rains are forecast!).

Barrel Cacti overlooking Mohave lava flow fields

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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