Project 52 No 27 – Mirrored streetscapes

14 12 2010

Over the weekend, our lovely snow melted away into semi-freezing rain in Kingston.  As I was doing our errands downtown, I saw this mirrored hotel sign with raindrops all over it.  Of course, I stopped and tried a few photographs right there, and got some nice shots of people going by under their umbrellas.  When I was setting up for another shot of the parked cars, I glimpsed the very front of a red car coming by so I very quickly took this shot with the passing car in the centre.  I liked this image for its symmetry / asymmetry. It’s fun how the red cars, both parked and going by, balanced the image along with the red ‘no entry’ signs further up the street. Plus the streaking of the red car going by gives the image a feel of motion in a static setting.  If you look carefully, you’ll see “Kingston” embossed on the sign overlaying the star-shaped lamp decoration.

King Street, Kingston



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