Project 52 – No.33. Spiders

31 10 2010

Last week, I was walking through the campus late at night again.  I observed some large spiders busily monitoring their webs around several wall lamps for small flies attracted to the light of the lamps.  Given the interesting lighting going on around the limestone walls and the lamps, I decided to try some more night photography again.

Since today is Halloween,  an over-processed day, if there ever was one, I thought I’d try my hand at over-processing this photograph into an illustration appropriate for the special day. This was done using the ‘threshold’ function in GIMP.  The light from the lamp really brought out the fine strands of the spider’s web and the little hairs on the spider’s legs, and how even pushing the image hard in GIMP still retained those important details.

Happy Halloween!

A spider and its web (black & white image)




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