Project 52 – No 37. Cars passing into the sunset

6 10 2010

Last Friday, I was in Duluth, Minnesota to give a seminar at the University of Minnesota. It as a fun trip, and Duluth had even better Fall colours (already tweeted a photo). We flew out of Syracuse, NY which is only about 2-odd hours from Kingston, and allows for quite inexpensive flights within the US. On our drive back from Syracuse, we saw the most amazing cloud formations while the sun was going down. Unfortunately, those didn’t translate well to a 510-pixel wide photograph, since the necessary detail was lost.

However, I did take this photograph of cars passing on the 401, silhouetted by the sun. I liked how the detail of the cars were highlighted by the strong light. If any photograph deserved to be a HDR image, this is it. It was hard to keep the dark and light areas in balance, and still preserve the detail of each, all the while while going over 100 km and focusing through a dirty windshield (and no, I wasn’t driving). Even so, I like this photograph for the “moment” it captured.

Cars Passing on the 401 at Sunset




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