Project 52 – No 39. Two Towers Contrasting

20 09 2010

Cosmoboy and I were exploring downtown Halifax and enjoying the beautiful weather when I saw the curlicles of the Saint Mary’s Cathedral and Basilica tower profiled against the rectangular Maritime Centre office tower. The historical cathedral, with its 200-plus years of history, and the modern office plaza, built between 1974 and 1988, not only contrasts in their age and history, but also their style and construction.  Despite that, their similar colours and different designs lent themselves nicely as a black-and-white photograph. I had some difficulties preserving the lovely contrast and detail when shrinking down to 510 pixels wide, so I had to learn quite a bit about compression and gaussian blur techniques…. Anyway, so here is my first b&w posting for Project 52!

Saint Mary's and Maritime Centre Towers



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