Project 52 No 42 – Last blooms of summer

31 08 2010

There are some spiderworts (Tradescontia spp.) along the front of the house.  The original perennial plants exhibit lovely deep purple flowers and are very easy to keep.  Since I was assured by a nursery owner that those were non-invasive varieties, I have left them in, and they have been filling the front area with blossoms for June and July.  The plants are self-seeding, however, so some new plants have emerged around the original plants. I have been keeping a close eye on those, and pulling up most of the new seedlings as they emerge.  One new plant grew just where no other plant would grow so I decided to leave it alone.  This little plant surprised me last week by blooming pure white flowers with pale purple filaments, so very different from the other spiderworts in the garden!  I think I’ll let it grow a bit and see where it goes from here.

I liked this photograph due to the delicate  stamen and filament shadows on its petals, and how the yellow pollen-laden anthers popped out from the image.

White spiderwort with purple centre




2 responses

31 08 2010

Fantastic photos, Linda – I’ve just been browsing back through all of your Project 52 – lovely stuff!

31 08 2010

Thanks Paolo!

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