Project 52 No 43 Creating an abstract from a ship hull

23 08 2010

Over the weekend, Cosmoboy and I explored the “inside” parts of Nova Scotia around Sherbrooke Lake and Big Mushamush Lake, both just west of Lunenburg, a famous World Heritage UNESCO port on the coast.  The countryside is beautiful, with rolling hills, lakes and farmland.  We then went to Old Lunenburg for a late lunch on the water right beside the Bluenose.   It was also the day of the Canadian Dory Racing Elimination tournament, so we headed out to the harbour to watch the athletes race their dories for a chance to represent Canada at the annual International Dory Races between Lunenburg NS and Gloucester USA.  While waiting for the top women to cross the finish line, I was watching this ship gently bob in the water, and took this shot of its hull.

Why did I put this picture in, and not the ones of the amazingly tough dory rowers, the elegant tall ships or the beautiful lakes in the countryside? I liked the abstract nature of this shot, the bright blues and reds being reflected in the green water, plus how this industrial image was different from my last few shots which were typically ecological in nature.  Maybe I’ll show the other images at another time! 🙂




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