Project 52 – No. 46. Yellow bear caterpillar

2 08 2010

While I was catching up on long-delayed weeding chores in the garden over the long weekend, I found a yellow bear caterpillar refugee in the weed pile. It might be a sign that we are entering the last stage of a lovely summer…

Before I let it go, I took some pictures. As a model, the caterpillar was not cooperative — it moved very fast through the lawn and just wanted to get away from me.  Much of the pictures show a blur of orange among crisp green blades of grass.  However, its colour was very pretty, and I managed to get a few decent shots, including one of its comb-like feet.  This one captures the fine golden single hairs standing out from its orange fur, contrasting against the green grass. (Regarding the old wives’ tale, it is not as hairy as some I’ve seen before, so perhaps our coming winter will not be as cold?).

An yellow bear caterpillar posing on a blade of grass.

Yellow bear caterpillar, Spilosoma virginica [Adult: Virginian Tiger Moth]



2 responses

4 08 2010

Great picture Linda. Really enjoying the blog (have it on my RSS feed). Cheers,

4 08 2010

Thanks Niki for your positive words. This project has turned out to be even more fun than I had thought. 🙂

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