28 02 2010

Trees with clouds in backgroundOur universe is intimately connected.  We are made from atoms formed in the hearts of ancient stars.  We depend on water that has been cycling through the planet’s surface for centuries.  We breathe in air that generations have breathed before us.

Our lifetimes maybe minuscule on geological or cosmological timescales, yet, what each of us chooses to do has significant implications for the entire planet and its surrounding space. Our blog will explore those connections.

This will be done on very different scales, as Rob is an cosmologist, while Linda is an ecologist. Rob’s perspective is from the larger scale — from the beginnings of time itself, how entire galaxies are formed and the wonder of sky-gazing.  Linda’s perspective is on a smaller and perhaps more complex scale, focused on Earth’s cycles, and can include peering at tiny critters flickering in water all the way to gazing from mountain tops.  We are both passionate about communicating those ideas, and as such our dialogue will form the basis of this blog.

We will discuss latest scientific research, share stories about our teaching and research and discuss how everything is connected.   Your comments and insights are welcome as we begin this exploration!

Stay tuned for our next blog posting:  “Is there a Planet B?”.




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